The Warwickshire County Council (Warwick District) (Permitted Parking Area and Special Parking Area) (Waiting Restrictions, On-Street Parking Places and Residents’ Parking) (Consolidation) (Variations 2, A & B ) Order 2017

Warwickshire County Council proposes to introduce waiting restrictions at the various locations listed below. The reasons for these proposals are given in the following documents:

WDC Variation 2 – Statement of Reasons (annual programme, Warwick District, various sites)

WDC Variation A – Statement of Reasons (Cherry Street, Warwick)

WDC Variation B – Statement of Reasons (Common Lane, Kenilworth)

Plans detailing the various locations making up the annual programme of works for Warwick District can be found by following the links below:

TR10195-01 Kenilworth – Dalehouse Broomybank

TR10195-02 Kenilworth – Brookside Fishponds

(TR10195-03 intentionally blank)

TR10195-04 Kenilworth – Queens Rd

TR10195-05 Leamington – Camberwell

TR10195-06 Leamington – Holly Walk

TR10195-07 Leamington – Portland Pl W

TR10195-08 Leamington – Russell Terrace

TR10195-09 Leamington – George Street

TR10195-10 Warwick – Birmingham Rd Service Rd

TR10195-11 Warwick – Nelson Lane

TR10195-12 Warwick – Roe Close

TR10195-13 Warwick – St Laurence Ave


Plans detailing the restrictions on Cherry Street, Warwick, can be found by following the link below:

TR-10211-02 – Cherry Street


Plans detailing the restrictions on Common Lane, Kenilworth, can be found by following the link below:

TR-10240-01 – Common Lane


The proposals will be formally advertised on the 20th July 2017.


If you wish to object to any of the proposals then details of how to make an objection are contained within the WDC Variation 2 A B – Public Notice. Objections must be received in writing and the grounds on which they are made must be stated. All correspondence will normally be treated as public documents and may be communicated to other persons affected.

Please note we can also accept representations via email sent to

The objection period ends on the 18th August 2017.



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