The Warwickshire County Council (District of Warwick) (Waiting Restrictions, On-Street Parking Places and Residents’ Parking) (Consolidation Order) (Variation No. 30) Order 2016

Warwickshire County Council proposes to introduce/change various waiting restrictions in the Warwick District. The proposals will be formally advertised on the 17th December 2015.

If you wish to object to any of the proposals then details of how to make an objection are contained within the public notice. Objections will normally be treated as public documents and may be communicated to other persons affected.

The objection period ends on the 15th January 2016.

Reasons given for the restrictions can be viewed in the Statement of Reasons.

Statement of reasons – 

WDC V30 – Statement of Reason

Public Notice – 

WDC V30 Notice


Archery Road, Leam – TR9653

Bertie Road, Kenilworth- TR9654

Binswood Street, Leamington Spa – TR9655

Brook Street, Warwick – TR9656

Greville Road, Kenilworth – TR9657

Heath Terrace, Leamington Spa – TR9658

Lakin Road, Warwick – TR9659

Leam Terrace, Leamington Spa – TR9712

Lyttelton Road, Warwick -TR9660

Mercia Avenue, Kenilworth – TR9661

Milverton Terrace & Warwick Place, Leamington Spa – TR9650

Monks Way, Warwick – TR9662

Nelson Lane, Warwick – TR9663

Powers Court, Leamington Spa – TR9664

Roe Close, Warwick – TR9665

St Michaels Road, Warwick- TR9666

Wood Street, Leamington Spa – TR9670

Woodhouse Street, Warwick – TR9671



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