The Warwickshire County Council (Borough of Nuneaton) (Permitted Parking Area and Special Parking Area) (Waiting Restrictions, On-Street Parking Places and Residents’ Parking) (Consolidation) (Variation 8) Order 2015

Warwickshire County Council proposes to introduce/change various waiting restrictions in the Nuneaton & Bedworth Borough. The proposals will be formally advertised on the 11th June 2015.

If you wish to object to any of the proposals then details of how to make an objection are contained within the public notice. Objections will normally be treated as public documents and may be communicated to other persons affected. The objection period ends on the 2nd July 2015.

NB. This variation has been re-advertised to include a parking area on Cedar Road and also to ensure that residents are aware of permit costs for proposed Resident Parking Schemes.

Reasons given for the restrictions can be viewed in the Statement of Reasons.

Statement of Reasons rev 1

Proposals –

TR9506-Nuneaton & Bedworth-rev B (Camp Hill)

WCC-Chamberlaine Street-TR9454-rev-

WCC-Clarkson Close-TR9455-rev-

WCC-College street-TR9460-rev-

WCC-Coventry Road-TR9456-rev-

WCC-Croft Road-TR9457-rev-

WCC-Extension to N3-rev-Bath Road-TR9449

WCC-Extension to N3-rev- Sandon Road-TR9452

WCC-Extension to N3-rev- St Mary’s Road-TR9451

WCC-Extension to N3-rev- Winfield Road-TR9450

WCC-Extension to N3-rev–Central Avenue-TR9448

WCC-Extension to N3-rev–Overall

WCC- Fife Street & Duke Street-TR9458-rev-

WCC-Heath End Road-TR9490-rev-

WCC-Manor Court Avenue-TR9459-rev-

WCC-Walsingham Drive-TR9489-rev-

Public Notice –



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