A425 Myton Road – Warwick: Casualty reduction route safety scheme

Myton Road within Warwick, has been identified as a route with a significant history of personal injury crashes . A casualty reduction scheme investigation has been carried out to identify the type of safety measures most effective in preventing crashes and casualties in the future.

Myton Road is a well used commuter route and has three schools, residential properties on both sides of the roads, as well an access into St Nicholas Park. This isn’t the first time that Myton Road has received significant works to improve road safety on Myton Road.

A number of years ago a segregated cycle/foot way was been installed along with the provision of a puffin and a toucan crossing to improve access to the schools. However, over the last 3 years there have been a total of 16 crashes involving injury, resulting in 18 casualties.

The County Council’s Road Safety Unit, who is undertaking the works, will continue to monitor the scheme after implementation. The Road Safety Unit’s main aim is to reduce the number of people killed and injured on Warwickshire’s Roads.
The scheme consists of:

  • The installation of pedestrian refuges
  • A new 30mph speed limit between the Ford Foundry Rounabout and the junction with Banbury Road
  • Vehicle Activated Flashing Speed Signs (September 2007)

County Councillor Mrs Haywood said “I am very pleased to see that the Road Safety Engineering team have investigated the road. As there are a number of schools on this road it seems very appropriate to have a 30mph speed limit. I look forward to seeing a big improvement in the reduction of collisions on Myton Road.”

Vehicle Activated Sign 30mph Speed Limit


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