B4099 Warwick Street, Leamington Spa: Casualty Reduction Scheme

Warwick Street lies in the heart of the main shopping area of Leamington Spa and carries a high volume of both motor and pedestrian traffic. A significant number of pedestrians cross the road to gain access to the Royal Priors shopping centre. The road intersects with the main high street in Leamington – The Parade.

The Road Safety Engineering Team has identified a significant collision history resulting in personal injury. A proportion of the collisions involved pedestrians, vehicle turning manoeuvre and shunt type crashes typical of a busy town centre street. Over 5 years there were 27 personal injury crashes, therefore the road has been given a high priority in terms of engineering in order to bring down vehicle speeds.
The proposed engineering measures are designed to slow vehicles down and provide pedestrians with more reaction time.

The measures include:

  •  Traffic calming through raised sections of road called ‘Raised Tables’
  • Speed cushions
  • Improved pedestrian crossing points (to Royal Priors)

The County Council has published a full plan of the Warwick Street Scheme (pdf, 564Kb).  Please note that there may be some further minor amendments to the scheme.
A full consultation was undertaken in May 2010 with formal consultation in December 2010. As a result minor changes were made including reducing sign clutter.

The Council has been working hard with the community to provide a scheme which suits the aesthetics of a Spa town, whilst addressing the high number of collisions occurring along Warwick Street. The scheme can be adapted in the future should more funds become available. There will be minimal changes to parking bays and loading areas.’

The works commence at the end of March and will be completed by the Easter weekend. Warwickshire County Council’s Road Safety Unit, who is undertaking the works, will continue to monitor the scheme after implementation. The Road Safety Unit’s main aim is to reduce the number of people killed and injured on Warwickshire’s Roads.

Warwick Street


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