New road safety zones in Nuneaton

Queens Road, Bracebridge Street, Norman Avenue, and Marlborough Road

During the schemes implementation some roads will need to be temporarily closed.

List of roads temporarily closed (pdf, 4.8Mb)

As part of Warwickshire County Council’s continual improvement of the County’s Roads, measures will be introduced in Nuneaton on a number of roads which have been identified as having a significant history of personal injury crashes and where there is local concern regarding safety.

Queens Road which is the busiest of the roads has a history of personal injury collisions resulting in 55 crashes between April 2003 and February 2008, resulting in 59 casualties, 5 of which resulted in fatal or serious injury. In December 2009 the County Council sought the views of the public at an exhibition detailing the engineering proposals for the road.

The work starts on 14th February 2011 and includes:

  •  A raised table at the junction with Edward Street on Queens Road.
  • 2 raised flat top humps at the existing pedestrian crossing points on Queens Road.
  • The introduction of a 20mph zone and associated entry treatments on Bracebridge Street, Norman Avenue and Marlborough Road which are within the zone surrounded by Queens Road, Edward Street, Bridge Street and Coventry Canal.
  •  A new “one way” system to be introduced on Bracebridge Street, Norman Avenue and Marlborough Road between Queens Road and Princes Street.

As well as addressing the history of accidents along Queens Road including pedestrian safety, the Council will also improve junction access to Norman Avenue, Bracebridge Street and Marlborough Road along with new 20mph zones. Access to frontages and the Lidl store will remain unaffected.

The Council will be producing a series of videos showing the different stages of the scheme’s implementation. This first video shows the current situation including parking problems and issues crossing Queens Road in busy traffic.

The County Council has worked with the community including residents and traders over a number of years to bring together a scheme that meets their aspirations and needs, whilst making all of these roads safer.

Warwickshire County Council’s Road Safety Unit, who is undertaking the works, will continue to monitor the scheme after implementation. The Road Safety Unit’s main aim is to reduce the number of people killed and injured on Warwickshire’s Roads.


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